Molybdenum Foil in Hemerize Bulb

Molybdenum Foil Picture

Top coat Shade Glass Tube Molybdenum Foils( Due to the similar coefficient of thermal expansion to glass Mo foil is used to form a tight seal at the pinch sealing point )

Filament Low beam filament High beam filament Pinch sealing portion Weld pins at Terminals

We can figure out that molybdenum foil is a very important part if Hemerize bulb to serve as a material with property of low thermal expansion. As a result, this Hemerize bulb with a blue or white top and base coat can be used longer. In this product, Molybdenum foil plays an significant role in both parts of bulb and maximizing its service time, which is taken into consideration greatly for customers.

It is worthy of being mentioned that our company offer qualified molybdenum foil, whose standard is matched ASTM B386.